Welcome to Rugby Woman NZ

I’m Cora Gray, the founder of Rugby Woman NZ.

I currently reside in Christchurch, New Zealand and work at a Government Agency (no, I’m not a spy!).

I love rugby, chocolate and gin (but not in that order) and enjoy listening to old 90’s music whenever I can.

I started this off the back of being the fan page admin person for the Farah Palmer Cup 2017 on Facebook and Twitter. I really enjoyed reporting and engaging with fans so much that I decided to keep on going with it, so Rugby Woman NZ was born.

As a start-up business, the main purpose of Rugby Woman NZ is to get more people aware of women’s rugby (and sport in general) and how awesome it is to attend, watch and participate in. With the Farah Palmer Cup in 2017 engagement and excitement levels were amazing as the livestream games and curtain raiser games were well received by the crowds that turned up.

This in turn has lead New Zealand Rugby to look at putting together a Super Rugby tournament in 2019 for the women’s division. With women’s rugby going from strength to strength things are looking up and maybe even pay parity will be on the horizon.

With this in mind in the near future, Rugby Woman NZ will start selling awesome looking t-shirts, polos and singlets to the women who enjoy rugby as much as I do. It’s a project still in progress.

You will also find below the Charities that Rugby Woman NZ support and if you would like to make a donation to them their details are in the their respective pages.

Forward Foundation
Women In Sport Aotearoa

If you would like to make a contribution through writing or taking in a live game where you are, feel free to contact me. Details at the bottom of the page.